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My Couples Say


"Chloee they are beautiful! Thank you so much for your time and effort and making us feel special and excited for our wedding day! Truly can't thank you enough!"

jasmine & Freddie 

Engagement Session

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Whats up! I'm Chloee...

London & Kent

Wedding Photographer

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I 'm Chloee,

London & Kent Wedding Photographer, Artist and dog mum to a sassy Border Collie!

I am so excited that you're engaged! I am glad you're embracing the journey of planning your special day and that you're drawn to my style.


Getting to remember every little detail of your wedding is so important; from what perfume you wore to the emotional first glance between you both. Lets face it the human brain can't recall memories and small details from your wedding day forever; so let me capture these everlasting moments for you.


I want you to get to know me! Your wedding day is so special and you don't want a stranger following your every move - so get to know me!

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