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Hi there! So firstly, let me introduce myself; my name is Chloee Allen and I am a young photographer based in South East London. I started photography in my early teens and I have just completed the second year of my Ba Hons Photography degree at the University of East London.

Photography started out as a hobby for me and it wasn't until I did art A-Level and focused on taking images that I realised I wanted it to become my career. Taking photographs of nature and landscapes has slowly fizzled out of what I enjoy capturing - don't get me wrong some of my favourite images I have taken are landscapes but I find it boring to take pictures of my surroundings unless I have travelled to a new location.

I thought it necessary that you guys get to know me a bit better in my first blog post so I am going to answer 20 questions about me, some personal and some photography based, plus a few that you guys have asked me over on my instagram. If you don't already follow me over there then you definitely should @cavaphotography!

So now lets jump straight in with some questions!

1. Age?

I just recently turned 20 years old!

2. When is your birthday?


2. Favourite colour?

Pink all the way!

3. Favourite film?

I can never pick between these three: Beauty and the Beast, Dirty Dancing and A Star is Born! They are all classics in my opinion!

4. Favourite series?

It has to be Friends doesn't it! But I do also love Greys Anatomy, ER and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

5. Scary movies or happy endings?

I am a sucker for a horror movie to be honest, nothing better than hiding under the covers with popcorn watching a chilling film.

6. Favourite food?

Well being lactose intolerant makes some foods off limits for me, I am currently loving the Galaxy vegan salted caramel chocolate if we are talking snacks but a good old fry up does put a smile on my face!

7. Pets?

I have a gorgeous little Bichon Frise called Poppy!

8. How many tattoos/piercings do you have?

I do have a love for both of these - I have 4 tattoos and 8 ear piercings!

9. What is your middle name?

My middle names are Amanda and Valerie. My initials spell out CAVA which is where my branding comes from!

10. Favourite trait?

I am definitely a perfectionist which influences my love for photographing people and planning shoots - I am quite particular with planning my images.

11. Nikon or Canon?


12. Favourite photographers?

I definitely can't name one because there are so many talented photographers out there whose work I love! But I will put some of my favourites here that you guys should definitely check out!

Tim Walker (editorial fashion photographer)

@jovanarikalo (fine art photographer)

@rebeccaspencer_photography (fashion photographer)

@rebeccacarpenterphotography (wedding photography)

@georgiarosehardy (fine art self-portraiture)

13. The best way to deal with criticism?

I definitely don't like hearing what could be improved in my images but I think that it depends on what the image contains - with portraiture it is difficult to change the entire image because of planning the shoot, location, model, props etc. But if the improvements are editing based then it is easier to take on board. I think that it is important to find a balance between what you want and what the audience want. In my opinion the bottom line is that you need to be happy with the image, so if you don't want to change it then don't change it and stand by that.

14. Favourite social media platform?

Instagram is definitely what I spend most of my time on but Pinterest really helps me when planning a shoot and getting inspiration so these 2 are my favourite by far!

15. Favourite takeaway?


16. A-Levels or college?

I did A-Levels in Art, Media and Product Design and achieved A*A*B.

17. Dream holiday location?

I could never choose between a beach holiday somewhere hot and relaxing or a city break where I could explore a new culture. I would have to say that Bora Bora is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

18. Pizza or pasta?

Pasta 100%, obviously I can't eat normal dairy cheese so pizza is not a common food for me but I would still choose pasta!

19. Siblings?

I have a brother who I actually photograph a fair bit, he features on my website under portraiture!

20. Current career goal?

As I want to grow my career based on fine art portraiture I would love to be commissioned to do a fine art project!

So there we have it! Twenty questions answered; now that you guys know me a little better we can dive straight into photography related content next week!

Don't forget to follow me on instagram @cavaphotography and feel free to drop me a message about the blog or my work! I will be back next Sunday at 11 am BST with a brand new post!

Lots of love, Chlo x

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