Dress Evolution | My First Photography Book | cavaphotography

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! So today I am super excited to show you something I worked really hard on throughout my second year of university. I tried my hand at some fashion photography, I did of course still mix in a little bit of a fine art vibe though.

Just a quick bit of background information - the book is separated into 6 eras that signify a clear progression in the dress. I did 6 photo shoots with 6 different models! I did a lot of research into the styles of dresses so each section does have a page with some background information that is interesting and goes into depth regarding the shape of the dress and accessories commonly paired with the outfit.

I will keep this short and sweet so the link is below for you guys to check out the book and I would really appreciate your feedback and comments so feel free to get in tough on Instagram @cavaphotography.

Thank you for reading it guys and have a great week!

Lots of love, Chlo x

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